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+ Contact Info
100 Southampton Street Boston, MA 02118
(617) 315-8102 Office Hours
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
* Closed on certain holidays

Access Hours
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:45 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 4:45 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM – 3:45 PM

+ Facility Features


  • Drive through building
  • Some 24hr units when available
  • We offer carts & lifts
  • 24 hour security cameras
  • Temperature control units
  • Best prices for Boxes and Moving Supplies
  • Friendly Professional Staff
  • Competitive Rates
  • We can accept deliveries for you
  • Auto pay option available
  • Storage Insurance Available
  • Drive up access
  • Professionally Managed By Storage Investment Management Inc.
We require proof of Insurance on rentals, it's available through us at $10/ Month for $2,000 Coverage

Unit Size
Unit Details
Monthly Rent
Special Offer
  • 16 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 4X4X4
  • 25 Sq.ft. 8 ft.Ceilings Dry Storage
  • 5X5X8
  • 1/2 Off First Month
  • 25 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 5X5 TC
  • 40 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 5X8 TC
  • 50 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 5X10X8
  • 1/2 Off First Month
  • 50 Sq.ft. II ft.Ceilings Dry Storg
  • 5X10X11
  • 50 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 5X10 TC
  • 50 Sq.ft. Twenty Four Hour Storage
  • 5X10x11 OUT
  • 54 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 8X7 TC
  • 1/2 Off First Month
  • 70 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 5X14X8
  • 70 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 5X14X11
  • 1/2 Off First Month
  • 75 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 5X15X8
  • 1/2 Off First Month
  • 80 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 8X10 TC
  • 80 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 8X10X11
  • 100 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 10X10X8
  • 1/2 Off First Month
  • 100 Sq.ft Twenty Four Hour Storage
  • 10X10x8 OUT
  • 104 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 8X13 TC
  • 150 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 10X15X8
  • 154 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 12X13X11
  • 252 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 12X21X11
  • 385 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 11X35X11
  • 10 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 2.5x4x8
  • 16 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 4X4X8 SF
  • 25 Sq.ft. II ft.Ceilings Dry Storg
  • 5X5X11
  • 32 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 4X8X8
  • 40 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 5X8X8
  • 40 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 5X8X11
  • 40 Sq.ft. Drive-Thru
  • 5X8 Drv Thru
  • 66 Sq.ft Dry Storage
  • 6x11 Drv Thru
  • 70 Sq.ft. Drive-Thru
  • 5x14 Drv Thru
  • 70 Sq.ft. Twenty Four Hour Storage
  • 5X14X11 OUT
  • 72 Sq.ft. Drive-Thru
  • 9X8 Drv Thru
  • 88 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 8X11X8
  • 99 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 9X11 TC
  • 99 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 9X11X11
  • 124 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 9X14 TC
  • 124 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 9X14X11
  • 124 Sq.ft. Drive-Thru
  • 9x14 Drv Thru
  • 132 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 12X11 TC
  • 180 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 12X15X11
  • 187 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 17X11X11
  • 120 Sq.ft. Twenty Four Hour Storage
  • 10X20x8 OUT
  • 224 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 14X16X11
  • 224 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 14X16 TC
  • 224 Sq.ft. Drive-Thru
  • 14x16 Drv Thru
  • 252 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 12x21 TC
  • 300 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 10X30
  • 312 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 13x24x11
  • 532 Sq.ft. Temperature Controlled
  • 14X38 TC
  • 532 Sq.ft. Drive-Thru
  • 14X38 Drv Thru
  • 550 Sq.ft. Dry Storage
  • 10x55
  • Parking Space

Offers valid for new customers only, Can not be combined with other discounts, based on availability.
Contact manager for other details.

About Southampton Self Storage

Planet Self Storage is your best choice for self storage in Boston. We have 2 convenient locations within the Boston city limits, each with a wide range of options to meet all your personal and business storage needs. Our security features will give you peace of mind, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff takes pride in providing the very best customer service. You won’t want to look anywhere else once you’ve experienced the Planet Self Storage difference!

Our Southampton Street facility is located just off I-93, near Boston Medical and the Boston Fire Department headquarters. We offer temperature controlled and standard storage units in sizes ranging from 5’ x 5’ to 12’ x 21’. Many of our ground-floor units feature drive-up access for easy loading and unloading, and our temperature controlled units are both heated and cooled to keep your sensitive items at the perfect temperature. Need to store your vehicle? We also offer covered outdoor parking spaces for your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle.

We take security seriously at Planet Self Storage on Southampton Street. Our facility is fully fenced, with a computerized access gate. We have 28 security cameras throughout the entire property, and we offer insurance in our office for additional protection of your items while they’re in storage. You can set your mind at ease when you store with us!

At Planet Self Storage on Southampton Street, our office staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Our staff members are friendly and experienced in the storage industry - some of them have been with our company for 12 years! Our office is open 7 days a week to answer your questions and address your concerns. Can’t get here during our office hours? Our secure website lets you reserve your unit and pay your rent online anytime! So make the move to Planet Self Storage of Southampton, and experience the very best in self storage – rent your unit online today!

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20 customer reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

4 Months Ago
"2 stars"
~Miguel Sanchez
6 Months Ago
"5 stars"
~Frederick Stewart
6 Months Ago
"5 stars"
~Frederick Stewart
"Endless Storage Taken Straight FromOur Galaxy"
~Richard Bassett
"I'm very dissatisfied with this place. There was a misunderstanding about how to pay the monthly rent. I thought that they would charge my card every month for the rent like it happened we me before at other places in Boston. Therefore, I didn't think that I needed to call every due date and tell them to charge my card. So, when I failed to call, they charged me a late fee. I called them and tried to reason with Jerry to wave the late fee, but he insisted that it was all my fault and that he wouldn't do it. I offered to pay immediately for the rest of the term if he waved the fee. But he said that if it had been his fault he would, but since it was all my fault, he wouldn't. Any reasonable place would do a courtesy wave, but not this place. Will never use them again!"
~Renan C.
"Overall i was pleased with this unit."
"This place is not that great and I'm not sure where those pictures are from but it's definitely a situation where the photos are misleading. It's also in a very sketchy part of town. I saw a drug deal go down right in the parking lot, the halls are dark and there is only fencing covering the tops of the units. The service is not great either, after I moved out I got a rude call a few days later asking why I had not told them I moved out right away, I had already paid for the month so it was strange. Anyway, convenient if you live downtown but I would go somewhere else."
~Patrick K.
"Staff was really nice and stayed open late for us. The lights keep shutting off while we were moving though"
"I called and moved my stuff in same day. Great experience."
"Made a reservation, confirmed it by phone and got a confirmation email. Loaded the car and got there but they said "sorry we didn't make the reservation correctly we have no unit for you""
~Noah F.